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Audiovisual on-line grammar learning and teaching materials

Eva Duran Eppler / Christina Weichselbaumer


At last year’s LAGB EC session the idea for an audited list of existing audiovisual online grammar learning and teaching materials was born. We would like the list to be as inclusive as possible

  • English, MFLs (Modern Foreign Languages), and community/heritage languages;
  • KAL (Knowledge about Language, as long as it is descriptive and enabling) and KOL (Knowledge of Language, for e.g. EAL, ESL, EFL), if you make this distinction
  • for blended learning approaches, i.e. classroom use, VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments), flipped classrooms, self-help etc.

We can’t do everything, but we’d like to compile a list of URLs to audiovisual online L&T materials, sorted by language, level and other criteria (see below).

We’ve made as start with the list (see Appendix 1) and would like to ask you to share your gems with us.

  • If you use or know of audiovisual online grammar L&T materials for English, MFLs and community/heritage languages, please e-mail the URLs for them to Christina Weichselbaumer <>. We will compile the URLs for materials in different languages and audit the English ones (to begin with).

This leads to my second question.

  • What are you looking for in audio-visual grammar teaching materials? Or, if you have produced some yourself, what were you aiming at? We’ve also started a list of auditing criteria which we’d like to ask you to add/contribute to (please also e-mail Christina).

We think they need to include:

  • language (because they ought to be for grammar teaching “across the curriculum”, i.e. L1s, MFLs and community/heritage languages)
  • difficulty level (stated in terms of KS/HE level for the UK, school/FE/HE year for non-UK?)
  • morpho-syntactic category,
  • quality of definition/explanation (accuracy, clarity, …?),
  • quality of illustrating examples (from clear-cut to less typical),
  • revision/entrenchment,
  • further exercises

What else?

The LAGB (EC) have agreed to host the audited list on their server. I will be freely available to all of you on the 13th September 2018 (the day of the LAGB EC session in Sheffield), just in time for the new school/academic year.

Please forward this e-mail onto everybody who may be looking for a resource like this and thus want to contribute information to it.

Many thanks for your collaboration (we will acknowledge all contributors in the final product and send you the URL under which the audited list can be accessed)!

Eva Duran Eppler (

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