About us

The BAAL LKALE SIG offers a forum for researchers applying linguistic theory to developing pedagogic meta-language (s) for teaching and learning across the curriculum in formal education contexts in the UK for L1 and L2 students, from primary to HE.   This includes teachers’ perceptions of language variation within and between languages within the classroom.

This work will build up a body of expertise to inform public policy and debate on the teaching of grammar, literacy and associated meta-language.

This expertise will parallel the LAGB Education Committee and provide a pool of BAAL members to contribute to the work CLiE (Committee for Linguistics in Education: www.CLIE.org.uk)

With these goals in mind, the SIG aims to support classroom teachers, HE lecturers and teacher trainers in preparing students for further and higher education and employment.

Why do we need this SIG?

The National Curriculum for English at all key stages in England and Wales, the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland, and the curriculum in Northern Ireland all require the explicit teaching of English grammar and associated meta-language. In addition, there is an associated move for all schools and colleges to develop their own English and Literacy across the Curriculum strategies. There is a renewed focus in the teaching of modern languages (now simply called ‘languages’ in England & Wales) to develop conceptual understanding of, as well as ability to use, grammar.

The group’s work will advance knowledge in the field of Linguistics in Education. The LKALE SIG members would offer information on innovation and sustainability to research networks that share partnerships with schools.

What are the specific aims?

  • To bring together by email and events researchers conducting research into the learning and teaching of grammar and language in L1 contexts to share and build knowledge, to identify emerging problems and explore solutions;
  • To explore current and past work, to identify key issues, and to engage in debates about the issues that are core to the SIG in a series of events.
  • To provide a parallel group to the Education committee of LAGB, and a pool of well informed potential BAAL representatives for CLiE. To maintain links with CLiE through having at least two of any current CLiE members in the SIG.

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