Kamil Trzebiatowski


What do mainstream secondary teachers know about grammar?

Kamil Trzebiatowski


KTLangspec EAL Training

In this session, the sole focus of which will be mainstream teachers’ awareness of grammar and language, Kamil will share his experience of working with his colleagues in secondary school settings in terms of teaching English language within the curriculum. First, results of a teacher grammar awareness questionnaire (based on Department for Education’s Appendix 2 to the National Curriculum for English for Key Stages 1 and 2) will be shared, leading to Kamil discussing the issues surrounding the effective teaching of EAL learners in mainstream schools as well as, more broadly, providing all learners with language-rich environment in which, Kamil will argue, all learners will thrive. The presentation and discussion will rest heavily on Kamil’s 11 years of practical experience of EAL teaching in both English and Scottish mainstream schools and his daily interactions with teachers and senior leadership staff.